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Coming out of starvation

This is the story of a 23 year old young mother who has been affected by the recent ethnic conflict in South Sudan.

My family of my three children and husband with disability were living in the UN camp POC-3. One day, when we were asleep, we were jolted awake with skirmish that exploded within two communities of Nuer ethnic group. Suddenly we had to flee and found shelter in the Mangateen camp. Although we had roofs now, we were starving because we lost everything and the severe drought and famine made our situation worse. For the entire week, we only had water and maybe some porridge that we used to fill our stomachs with.

DMI secured our life by dispensing food and non-food items to everyone who came to the Mangateen camp after this conflict. I am able to feed my family with the flour, oil, blanket, beans, mats and mosquito nets received. We were able to come out starvation and had regained hope of living. I sincerely want to extend my gratitude to DMI for donating these items to us.

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