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Learning about agricultural cycles in the field

This is the story of a farmer who has increased her agricultural productivity by understanding vital points about seasonal cycles, soil, and crops through SDMIC's training.

From the Mundari tribe, Rebecca has been a member of the kabo farmers’ association supported by our FSL program since 2017.

Although she has been farming since her childhood, there were no promising outputs that were enough to sustain her family. Under SDMIC’s program, she along with other members underwent training to learn about various agricultural methodologies that are viable in the - - land. The training also covered pest control, disease control, seed banking, post-harvest methods, and venturing into the market.

After understanding the key difference between what works during the dry season and what works during the wet season, she has been able to witness agricultural productivity.

Due to this, she has been able to grow crops and make money to adequately support her family.

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