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Youth Development Program (YDP)

Youth development program (YDP) provides equal opportunities for young girls and boys to acquire appropriate vocational skills leading to their employment. As part of the youth formation, we promote sports clubs in villages for boys and girls. The club members will be sensitized about gender equality and in addition, the young girls will be trained using life-skills curriculum.


  • Promote gender equality among youth through sports so that they support adolescent girls and young women to pursue their life goals.

  • Promote peace among youths through sports to foster peaceful coexistence in diverse communities.

  • Design and deliver market-driven Vocational training courses that create employment opportunities for youth.

  • GBV victims supported to gain confidence and become self-reliant

Program Activities


Protection and development of girls by:

  • Forming and supporting male and female sports clubs.

  • Adapting sports for gender equality.

  • Training of mentors to engage youth about gender and peace issues.

  • Adapting UNICEF Life Skill training module to the local culture and norms.

  • Providing life skill training for adolescent girls.


Vocational Training

  • Conduct Market Assessment to inform the selection of courses.

  • Develop Curriculum based on TVET guidelines.

  • Integrate leadership development and micro-business modules in all courses.

  • Acquire training equipment and expand infrastructural facilities.

  • Training of master trainers for each course.

  • Plan and implement Centre-based and Boma-based training sessions.

  • Network with potential employers for job placement.

  • Promote group enterprises through Alumni associations.

GBV victims support activities are:

  • Forming women safety groups in villages and equip them to identify abuses

  • Rescue of victims and providing immediate relief measures

  • Support victims with legal support where necessary

  • Therapeutic counseling services for victims

  • Vocational skills training for victims  

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