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Humanitarian Assistance (HA)

Humanitarian Assistance (HA) program organizes relief assistance to those affected by conflict, flood, and drought emergencies; and conducts micro research to develop reintegration strategy for IDPs.

HA focuses on relief, recovery, and reintegrating IDPs, returnees, and disarmed youth back to communities. The group dynamics, ethnic classes, and group rivalry addressed through Peace, Relief, Rehabilitation, and Reintegration (PRRR) activities.

15,703 pregnant women, lactating mothers, malnourished children, and the elderly were helped in IDP camps and in host communities in Juba. 1102 members are now part of the Peace and Reconciliation Committees (PRC) to promote peace; address community conflicts, and reintegrate the displaced families.

21,230 war victims and refugees are supported with relief materials and enhanced self-esteem through counseling and therapies in PoC (Protection of civilians) -1, 2, and 3 camps.

Program Objectives

  • Organize relief assistance to those affected by conflict, flood, and drought emergencies.

  • Conduct micro research to develop a reintegration strategy for IDPs.

Program Activities

Emergency Relief Assistance…,

  • Medical camps and referrals.

  • Psycho-socio counseling.

  • Distribution of food and non-food items.

  • Education in emergencies.


  • Conducting micro research to assess the opportunities for the reintegration of IDPs

  • Evolve and include the reintegration plan to the five-year strategy plan

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